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The Philippine Star - January 16, 2011

MANILA, Philippines - Urban living can be easy if the home is ideally situated, affordable, accessible and secure. DMCI Homes’ track record proves that such desirable living environments exist and thrive. Illumina Residences Manila is a high-rise development that’s unique, well-designed, and where all advantages converge.

Young professionals and growing families need ample space for their daily activities and needs. Illumina Residences offers them units suited to their lifestyles. Aside from the spacious living quarters and finely built interiors, Illumina Residences’ architectural design makes the structure a sight to behold from the outside.

“All DMCI Homes developments are designed by a team of architects with unquestionable expertise and talent,” project development manager Maricar Encarnacion said. “In terms of external aesthetics, the color and modern minimalist design blends with the environment. People won’t just see it as a 32-story concrete building. It’s very appealing and doesn’t look segmented. Its design addresses day-to-day living for unit owners as well.”

The design of Illumina Residences Manila isn’t the usual four-walled building. It was conceptualized and planned in such a way that it looks T-shaped from above. Units don’t face each other for maximum privacy in each one; rather, they open into landscaped atriums and natural light.

“Thanks to the design, the breeze comes into the building and units are well-ventilated,” Encarnacion said. “Natural lighting is turned to savings as occupants cut down on the use of artificial lights during daytime.”

Such features aren’t the only benefits of living in Illumina Residences Manila. Unique to the development is that all units have balconies designed to let owners see cityscapes at various perspectives.

“There are 360-degree views because each unit has a balcony. It allows you to have views of the Makati, Mandaluyong, Manila, San Juan and Ortigas skylines. There are no neighboring buildings, so unit owners can enjoy such views. Nighttime is always the best view because of the city lights. Just before that, you enjoy the sunset. You can also see the sunrise at the San Juan skyline.”

Encarnacion added that the balconies will keep residents from feeling boxed in.

“If you have views of the outside world, you don’t feel constricted. It’s not the same as just having a large window. You can step outside your unit and go to your balcony, put your feet up, read the papers and have coffee. It’s something that unit owners will enjoy.”

The Sky Lounge at the penthouse level is another feature that unit owners will find praiseworthy. The views are likewise postcard-pretty, and it can be a venue for a number of activities.

“We have taken amenity offerings to a higher level — both literally and figuratively. This is because the Sky Lounge, which every resident can use, has excellent views of various cityscapes. We have raised the bar in terms of amenity provisions with the Sky Lounge,” Encarnacion explained.

“The Sky Lounge will also provide residents a venue where they can bond with their neighbors. They can just go up there on the weekend, for example, and relax. Small nooks can be used for small meetings, or just a game of chess. There is also a study hall on the same floor.”

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, Illumina Residences is well-spaced, inside and out. “You’re really not just buying a unit, you are buying an upgrade in lifestyle — and you are being welcomed by a development that has put your needs into consideration when it was conceptualized,” said Encarnacion. “The design is neither superficial nor is it an illusion.”

DMCI Homes is the country’s premier triple A builder/developer that offers modest income-earning families optimum value for their money by providing homes with exceptional features and amenities, and a world-standard level of craftsmanship born out of almost 55 years in the construction and development industry.

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